Aim High with Interior Railings

Stairs, balconies, porches and more all have railings to protect people and to make it easier to climb a stair or to lean when taking in a view. These are the functional needs of an interior home railing. And building codes will dictate the minimum standards for how a railing is to accomplish these functions.

Yet railings are so much more. A well-designed, well-made and carefully considered railing adds charm, whimsy, craft and style to a project. And though there’s nothing wrong with selecting standard parts from a catalog, developing a unique railing that evokes something about yourself and what you like, whether it’s made of wood, metal, glass, plastic or another material, is rewarding.

Just remember to make sure your railing complies with your local building codes. No sense in having fun if you’re not being safe too!



Souce: Houzz

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